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Upcoming Events widget lists wrong times

  1. Is the calendar public? If so, what is the URL of the calendar?

  2. montereybayholistic

  3. montereybayholistic

    Thank you.

  4. Ok, two things here.

    1. What is the URL of the post or page where your list should be appearing.

    2. The calendar is public, but the events on the calendar have been made private. Is there any improvement if you make the events public?

  5. The times are wrong again and clearing the cache and cookies doesn't help. This thing is too buggy. I got rid of it and replaced it with a google calendar modified to do the same thing. Works even better.

  6. Madisonjazz, that's a great solution, but only for those who have self-hosted blogs. For those of us using, the Upcoming Events widget is our only choice, as we are not able to install plug-ins. Oh, well, I guess I'll have to wait until they fix this.

  7. wyocec, if you'd like to, you can embed a Google Calendar following this guide:

    If you'd like to get the Upcoming Events embed working, would you please tell me the URL of the source calendar, and the post or page (or widget) it should be appearing on?

  8. montereybayholistic

    I just decided to forget about using it and I used the text widget and posted the calendar information.

  9. macmanx:

    URL to Google calendar:

    widget is in sidebar, see

    sometimes the time will appear correctly on my FIRST visit (of the day?) to the site, but will go off by 3 hours as soon as I refresh the page or visit any of the other pages in the site

  10. macmanx:

    are the instructions you gave me capable of producing a LIST of events (not the calendar itself)? I didn't try it yet, but it appeared to me that that was all about putting an actual calendar in the blog

  11. URL to Google calendar:

    That seems to be just a download. Is the calendar publicly viewable online?

    are the instructions you gave me capable of producing a LIST of events (not the calendar itself)?

    No, it just embeds the calendar. This is what madisonjazz wound up doing.

  12. Thanks for sending that in.

    We're looking into this now.

  13. Here is what I did to get the right time on my Upcoming events until the issue is fix.
    I included the date on the event (i.e christmas party, 5-10pm); on the date I choose all day.

    Hope this help.

  14. If macmanx is still monitoring, have you found anything yet?

  15. Unfortunately, no. We're still looking into this.

  16. Thought I was the only one having this problem.

    Happy to hear it is being looked into ...

  17. Hello,

    I'm having the same issue. It will correct itself, but as soon as I refresh the browser it returns to the wrong time. Please help, it is very frustrating.

    web address is:

    ical feed is:


  18. That's pretty much the same behavior I get. Occasionally it will very temporarily seem right. But as soon as I refresh or visit a different page in the site, it's back to being 4 hours off.

  19. Hi Guys - this is an identified issue. I've updated the bug report and the developers are looking into it. Check back soon :)


  20. OK we've posted a bug fix. Recheck at your earliest convenience :)


  21. Works for me!!! Thanks very much!

  22. Hi - I'm still having the issue.

    Calendar URL:


    I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!!

  23. I believe the Upcoming Events widget is for Google calendars only, so I wouldn't be surprised to see it not working with an Apple calendar.

  24. It works with all .ics feeds, but I think the webal protocol is the issue here.

    brieanah, try:

  25. Thank you, macmanx. I made the change and it helped - but the first event in the calendar is listed as the last. I've changed the settings for the widget to see all events so you can see what I mean. Thanks again!

  26. I am still having this issue.
    Calendar URL:


    Widget on main page, left sidebar.
    Thank you!

  27. Make sure that you have your calendar's timezone set correctly.

  28. Thank you. I checked that last night. Both the google caendar and the settings in the blog are set to the Toronto time zone and the week start day is Monday on both. Is there anything else I should check?

  29. Hm, try setting your calendar's timezone to UTC/GMT. Does that make any change?

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