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    It would be wonderful if we could upload revised or replacement images so they just replace the earlier version wherever it appears. Maybe an (update with new version) button in the media library. This seems to be a common problem – wikispaces.com also has the same issue.

    Having inserted a large number of images into my blog I realised that they all needed editing, so I had to go through and delete them all from the library and the posts, upload the new versions, insert them again, re-edit that picture data, it was a real pain.

    Greg Maletic posted a help request about this last year <https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/how-to-change-already-uploaded-images?replies=7#post-177291&gt; but everybody seemed to miss his point.

    Best wishes from Sheffield

    The blog I need help with is sevenleagueboots.wordpress.com.



    If it’s just a simple image replacement, I do the following:

    • Name my revised images with a “_rev” appended to the file name
    • Batch upload the revised images via the Media Uploader (either in the post or the Media tab “Add New”)
    • In the Post’s HTML Editor window, edit the image name to include the “_rev”
    • Save the updated post

    It may not help in your case, as you mentioned that you also needed to re-edit the picture data.

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