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Update alt attribute of images in the html after posting

  1. I have recently updated the alt attribute of all the images on my site, they where blank before.(I did this through the media library). My question is : Is the html code of the post going to be updated too? so the google crawlers index it. Or do I have to reload each image individually through the editor so it shows the alt attribute in the html of the post. Thank You very much.

  2. Yes, of course the HTML is updated. All you have to do to confirm this is to look at the actual HTML in the post, via the HTML editor.

  3. No, of course it isn't: no html gets automatically updated in a post unless you edit the post itself.

    And, judging from this question, jmbz84 is in the wrong forum.

  4. Huh? Oh, I see what you're saying; he's updating the alt attribute OUTSIDE of the posts. That would be silly, of course.

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