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    I have just posted my latest blog entry, however, there are strange things happening with it. Essentially, the paragraphs I set in “edit” (I work in visual) seem to all scrunch together when I Update. This is happening in several different places throughout the post. I can correct them all in Edit, but when I Update, they revert back their previous positions.

    I do my work in Open Office and paste it into WordPress directly – I have been doing this for some time with no problems.

    The blog I need help with is drfugawe.wordpress.com.



    I’m disappointed that my problem drew no responses – however, I continued my own research and have found a way to avoid the problem I encountered – I’ll note it here for anyone who might have a similar problem.

    My assumption is that WordPress is not compatible with Open Office, and/or, the WordPress visual editor has its own set of glitches – so I took the suggestion of several forum posters who noted that a blog editor such as BlogDesk may avoid my kind of problem. I downloaded BlogDesk and set it up – then I pulled down my problem post and re-edited it in BlogDesk, and re-published it (right from BlogDesk). When I went to my blog, all the problems were resolved.

    I’ll be using BlogDesk from now on!


    Never use MS Word or Open Office. They are NOT web applications, they are print applications and will mess things up big-time.

    If you must use Open Office, use the “paste as plain text” icon on the lower toolbar to paste from Word. It will strip out all of the code from Open Office and produce plain text.


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