Update Frequency of WordPress.com Reader?

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    Hello. I have started using WordPress.com reader as RSS app replacement and I would like to know how frequent does WordPress.com update my timeline. I seems like one or two times in a day. Is there a button to refresh it more often?



    Hi there,

    Posts from new WordPress.com sites are updated instantly as they are published. For external RSS feeds we don’t update instantly, but it should be at least every few hours, not just once or twice a day. There’s no way to manually force the feed to update.

    If you’re having trouble with a particular site’s feed, please provide a link to the feed you’re following and we can check whether it works correctly on our end.



    Thank you for the answer.

    I might have an unrealistic thoughts on the update frequency because most of the sites i follow are external. Basically i have to wait more than i used to. :)

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