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Update has broken my home page!

  1. After updating to Jetpack on a network install, my home page no longer works with my theme. Once I disconnect from the home page for the theme works agin, but if I reconnect it, the code breaks and the home page does not function right.

    Also if you are logged in as an admin it always renders properly. This is 100% related to the jetpack update, but I am trying to figure out of this is a theme issue or if the jetpack update broke something
    Blog url:

  2. This appears to be affecting theme's with custom home pages for sure. Pointing wordpress to a standard page works fine. The theme developer seems to feel something in jetpack broke the custom home pages on many themes, so someone needs to look into this.

    Also why would it work when it is not connected to is strange. Either way this update broke some things for custom home pages.

  3. This is also a multi-site install if that matters

  4. Can you please give us a URL to the affected page?


    I will need to re-connect to for you to see the broken page. If you look now it is working.

  6. It is not connected and you can see the custom homepage is showing like a normal column layout.

  7. The actual home page is

    That's what it SHOULD look like

    Worpress is setup to use that as the home page in the reading settings.

  8. This release needs a fix ASAP!

  9. Or I need a ZIP with the old version to roll it back.

  10. I am rolling back as this is a love site and clearly the update is broken.

  11. Thanks for the notice, we'll look into this.

  12. Sounds good. Something definitely is not right the "Broken" votes are racking up on this release.

  13. I agree, we'll let you know as soon as we have a fix.

  14. All fixed now, please update to Jetpack 1.2.4.

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