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  1. Hi,
    I completely new to this so please forgive me for this ridiculous question!

    Im just starting with my new blog and obviously playing around with it getting fonts, colours etc correct. What i want to know is if I "update my post" my post each time does each posted get published to google and will I get penalised for spamming?
    Many thanks

  2. @katrinadg

    Welcome to!
    When you ask a question here, we volunteers need to take a look at your blog—to be sure you are in the right place or to see what is wrong. Please always provide a link to the blog you are asking about, starting with http://

    General answer: sends pings when you make a new post. But updating a post will not cause a ping. That means search engines and sites like Technorati, Feedster, Icerocket, Google Blog Search are not repeated notified of the post. You won't be seen as a spammer.

    One way to edit a post and check how it looks repeatedly is to publish the post privately, then when you are satisfied, make it public. People looking at your feed will then see the version of the post you want them to see.

  3. yes, of course the web will update your changes every time you revise your post.

    Bookmark those blog sites you feel like revisiting when you use forums to learn new tricks and receive exposures to other blogger. good luck1

  4. @jingley, don't answer questions if you do not know the answer. WordPress does not ping when you revise a post, and once a search engine has originally indexed a post, they will only revisit it about every 4 months or so when they do a complete reindex.

    Tess answered the question very well.

  5. @1tess and @thesacredpath Thank you so much!! Its always common sense when you know how:-)

    @jingleyanqui at least you have learnt as well!!

    Thank you all for taking the time and breaking me into the forum world gently!!

    PS it was

  6. You are welcome, Katrina, @thesacredpath kind of upset about my response, I did not read previous his comment one day ago about reporting me as spam, thus jumped in and shared my Bookmarking hint with Katrina.

    Anyway, I appreciate your kind mention here, good luck,

  7. @katrinadg

    You are very welcome!

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