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"Update post" throws in extra http://

  1. This has been happing for a couple of hours. The permalink to a post sprouts an extra http:// and ends up like this (and I copied this example after posting an update---before the update, the permalink was fine.

    Permalink: http://

    Sometimes it happens on a new post (when I'm using Live Writer), but this time it happened totally within the WordPress editor. I added some text, clicked "Update" and after the update, the link was as above. The update did actually happen, though.

    Any idea what's happening?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Huh---the latter part of the link is also messed up. I hadn't noticed that.

  3. I just looked at your blog and clicked on your first post, and the links look fine. Maybe it was a hiccup?

  4. Related to this, after updating a page (or presumably a post) the link at the top of the dashboard with:

    "SITE NAME" <--- Visit Site

    contains the extra http.

  5. The extra http:// is happening to me as well when I attempt to preview a post or when I click the "visit site" link located at the top of my dashboard.

  6. It's also happening to me, but only when I try to click links in my "Your Stuff" section on my Dashboard. When I click the "visit site" link on my blog or links on my blog when viewing it they work fine. Ditto for trying to edit posts.

  7. I'm seeing the extra http too -- in Visit Site and View Post.

  8. There's another report here:

    Report it to staff via the Contact Support button. They'll need to get on this asap.

  9. Appears to be resolved, problem no longer occurring on my blog.

  10. I reported it. I'm still having the same problem. I'm patient.

  11. It's nice to know this is not just happening to me and my browser (safari 3.2)
    Thank you for posting about this <b>leisureguy</b> the problem is still
    occurring on mine.

  12. Interesting to me that my time is inaccurate as well. It's still the 3rd where I am 7:50PM

  13. We're aware of this issue and are looking into it now. We'll keep you updated on fixes! Thanks for your patience.


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