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    Hi, I’ve been recommended to add a list of ping sites to my blog which according to the instructions should be done in Settings -> Writing / Uppdate Services. But I don’t find such an option on the Writing-setting page.

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    The blog I need help with is rasmusliberal.com.



    That’s not possible on a free hosted WordPress.com blog nor is it necessary as pingomatic is built into our blogs. Read more here http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2010/02/15/new-content-wordpress-com-pings-for-you/

    Please read this > http://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/

    Thereafter do not refer to any documentation other than that which applies to your blog and is found here http://.support.wordpress.com as rewferring to the other stuff for WordPress.ORG will only confuse you.



    rewferring = referring


    Thank you! I might add that I didn’t find this supposed possibility through WordPress.org-information but via a so called third party (who obviously has a .org-site).





    Hi again,
    There are lots of folks with WordPress.org sites who aren’t aware of the difference between their WordPress.org sites and WordPress.com blogs. They cause confusion so it’s best to learn for yourself what the differences are. Happy blogging!

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