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  1. Hi ..

    Sorry if this should not be in the support forum, but I had another question which has gone untouched for a few days after I updated it with additional info ...*sigh*

    Anyway I have a static page? I titled "Other Articles I have Authored" I use it for guest posts I have done ...I checked
    the support docs with a search I found one that was relevant,, but not quite clear enough . I'm just trying to figure out
    how to add to the page without removing the other guest post I did ....?

    Thanks ....

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    Pages sit outside the blog structure. We can only add or subtract content form an existing by editing the existing static Page. Avoid creating 404's okay.

  3. @TiTi

    Bummer ;( So I can't add to the page? wuwuwuwu ...

    Haven't checked the links you left but I'm on it pronto ....


  4. Yes you can add to a static page by editing. No you cannot "post" to a page and create a separate entry on it with a separate URL only for that entry. Comprende?

  5. @TiTi

    Comprende ... :)

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