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    https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/gallery-not-displaying-properly?replies=10 Because that thread is closed I’m opening this one.

    The bug ticket that Nick reported and linked to in that thread is now slated for handling with WP 2.8 release.

    Given the note on that ticket, it looks like the media overhaul mentioned earlier is now also postponed for then.


    Hi. Thanks for your more-than-helpful private blog post all about galleries. I can’t believe that a private user needs to do this rather than WordPress itself. Anyway, I was happy to discover your site and this comment as I encountered major frustration today, with still no satisfaction. On this post http://travelinbride.wordpress.com/2008/11/22/life-photo-archive-google/ I tried [gallery columns="2"] to try to fix the issue of overlapping images that appeared full size (not as thumbnails), but it did not.

    Something strange is happening to several of the pics I uploaded–the file shows as (0x0) when in fact the image is there and 500 or so pixels wide. Sounds like a definite bug. THe workaround on the post is to go into advanced settings for pics put directly into the post and size them down to 60% and left align. Very clunky. Any help you can offer (even if it’s to avoid galleries until 2.8 comes out) is appreciated. Thanks.


    p.s. all the images have captions, yet only 1 shows a border and a caption.



    By looking at the source of that Post you’ve linked to, it looks like you’ve inserted each picture individually; I don’t see where you’ve used the Gallery shortcode.

    Remove all the individual images from your Post via the Visual Editor. Then place your cursor at the point in your Post where you want to insert the Gallery of images, click on the “Insert Image” button in the Visual Editor toolbar, click on the Gallery tab in the Image Uploader and then click on “Insert Gallery into Post”, then close the Image Uploader window by clicking on the X in the upper right corner.

    You won’t see any images in your Post, only [ gallery ] (without the spaces). Save your Post and then View it by clicking on the “View this Post” button; you should see all the images in your Post.


    @justjennifer: bloomlikeflowers doesn’t clearly mention it, but I understand she tried the gallery and removed it because it wasn’t working.

    @ bloomlikeflowers: The gallery feature has shortcomings, but it’s not THAT clunky; and the 0x0 complicaation has to do with the uploader, not the gallery. When you originally uploaded and inserted the images, you must have seen ONE of them (the tree) behave properly. That’s because it’s the only one in RGB: the rest are Grayscale, and apparently the wp uploader cannot handle them (that’s news to me, too).

    So you must go to your Media Library, delete those images, edit them in an image editing application to turn them to RGB, then upload them again and insert them as a gallery. If you retain the plain gallery shortcode, they’ll turn up as 3-in-a-row thumbnails. If you want them larger, write:

    [gallery columns="2" size="medium"]


    Thank you both.
    @panaghiotisadam: That’s it! I was not specific enough but, yes, had tried gallery, and yes, the tree behaved correctly. Who would have guessed that it was Grayscale mode that is the culprit? Since they aren’t my images but just screengrabs meant to advertise the LIFE site, I probably won’t go to the trouble of delete/repost, but will go back and amend my statement about the gallery misbehaving. I didn’t THINK it was that clunky since I’d used gallery successfully before. Thanks for clearing it up.



    Learned something new today. Thanks panaghiotisadam!

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