Updated entries no more shown among recent posts?

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    Some time ago I noticed that updated posts would appear among recent posts just as newly published ones (in particular I noticed that in the category search). I thought it was a good thing, because as soon as new information was available about a certain topic, I could update my original post and provide my readers with further news about it. Which keeps threads more orderly and exhaustive, in my opinion.

    I keep an informative blog and usually collect a wide range of news and links about a certain topic, updating my posts as soon as more news are available about how the topic is evolving (e.g. in case of trials or controversial events).

    But recently I got the impression updated posts are no longer included among most recent posts. Is that so? did anybody notice any changes?

    I’m just curious to know if it is so, which means I’ll have to write a brand new post every time I have an update to share, and link it back to previous entries on that topic.

    On a side note, do you think updating the original thread is more useful than starting new posts, or do you think writing a new post and link it back to previous posts about that topic is more effective? Thoughts and opinions are welcome.

    Thanks in advance.



    I believe that when we edit and update posts now they appear in accord with the timestamp of the original post rather then the timestamp of the edited and updated posts.



    I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think that updated posts show up anywhere do they? Other than as ‘updated’ in your dashboard because of what Timetheif just mentioned about the timestamps. Interesting either way, but I would like to know this as well!




    I just tried an experiment with a post. It was originally written on March 7th. Although I did edit it and did change the state/timestamp to March 10th this is what happened. It still appears on the wordpress.com tag pages under the same position it had before March on 7th. The only difference as that it now states timethief wrote 1 hour ago .



    Thanks for the information, timethief.

    The position of an updated post used to change before – i.e. an updated post would “bump” up in the list as if it were a new post. At least that’s what I imagined since I occasionally spotted posts that read something like “x wrote 2 weeks ago” (the date the entry was originally posted) coming before more recent posts (like “y wrote 1 minute ago”).

    It makes more sense now that the position is unchanged but the timestamp is updated (after all an updated post is not an updated post and it prevents abuse such as people updating their posts only to bump them up).

    The important thing is that the last update is indicated in the timestamp. This way readers know that I have added information since the last time they checked the topic. :)

    Thanks for your help!



    You’re welcome. :)

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