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    I’m wondering if it is possible to have my blog publish new posts directly to my blog’s facebook page rather than my own personal facebook page. From what I’ve seen, I dont think I can, or at least I dont know how. If you cant, do you have to make a completely new facebook page? And if so, do you make a personal page under a new name, or do you have to make an actual page? like a business or famous person or something. Please help me out, its not the worst to have it directly go to my personal page, but it would just make sense to go to my blog’s facebook page. Thanks/

    The blog I need help with is otbtechno.wordpress.com.



    Hi Jon. I know two solutions: publicize via Twitter, or use Networked Blogs:

    A user on the Spanish forums also suggested publishing from your RSS Feed using RSS Graffiti which is available as a Facebook app, but I haven’t had the chance to try it.



    You can also import your blog posts using the Notes app. From your FB page, click Edit Page, then Apps, then Go To App (under the Notes section). Click Edit Import Settings on the left and follow the instructions.



    Notes doesn’t import images though.


    Somehow… I’ve managed to have wordpress feed into my Facebook twice. One as notes without an image then about 8 hours later a note with the photo will appear. I’m trying to find which setting I checked.



    So you’re using Notes and one other app.


    Yea I figured it out:
    On WordPress I went to : Sharing Settings –>Publicize
    Connect your blog to popular social networking sites and automatically share new posts with your friends.
    – Facebook is enabled

    [THIS IS WHERE Graphics were displayed]
    Then in Facebook at one point I guess I had enabled: Notes –
    Import Settings
    You can import posts from one external blog so that they appear along with your notes. Facebook will automatically update your notes whenever you write in your blog. Imported blog posts cannot be edited.



    Odd. Should be the other way around. I’ve never seen Notes display an image.


    I went back and verified. The posting from WordPress [it has the W logo on the publish] no graphic, & I’m talking about the feed on FB, where you just see the posting not the full blog.

    Figured out the “no” image your talking about : The “feed” on FB has the image, but if you click into the note? No image.



    RSS Graffiti rocks. It publishes my new posts to FB profile and page although sometimes its appearance on Page is slightly slower. Tonight I finally discovered what has been automatically posting feeds to my wall post—NOTES! Compared to RSS Graffiti notes is ugly and ruins things for me. I have stopped Notes from importing my blog’s feeds.



    Hi all, I use the “Publicize to . . . ” link on the Dashboard to publish my sports poems to my Facebook page. The bad news: it works if I post something new, but if I edit one of the poems, it will not re-post to Facebook. Does anybody out there know what I am doing wrong? Please advise :-)



    Nothing. You have to re-post it manually. Warning: people will get annoyed with you if you edit and repost stuff frequently.



    thx raincoaster. Dammit; no more impulse posts for me :-)



    6 methods of Importing wordpress.com post snippets into a Facebook fan page here > http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2010/01/12/importing-wordpress-com-post-snippets-into-a-facebook-fan-page/


    Hi timethief, just wanted to say thank you for the excellent information. I was banging my head against a wall with the frustration of not being able to link my blog to my fanpage, but I read the advice on this forum and decided to try RSS Grafitti: so far it’s WINNING :0)
    Thanks very much!



    You’re welcome. :)



    I’ve just installed this RSS graffitti and see how it goes.
    Thanks for all the info above, it was very instructive.
    The notes in facebook did not work for me, they did not have anything to link to your blog (in my business page at least)

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