Updates on any existing WP.com themes?

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    Hey, I love all the new themes here but some of the older ones like K2 have already had milestone updates done for several months and WP.com is still using the older versions. Is it for security purposes that you haven’t updated some of the themes? I’ve been pondering about this for a while and I wanted to ask if it was possible for you to update any of them.

    The blog I need help with is 12joshdj.wordpress.com.


    WordPress has in the past updated some themes, and it has caused an uproar from existing users of that theme because they chose a particular theme for what it was, and then all of a sudden the theme they had chosen changes on them and they aren’t happy. They’ve had to reinstate the older theme and keep the newer one as well.

    I doubt they will be doing much of that given all the people who complained – loudly.



    So there isn’t a way for me to use the newer versions here without it affecting everybody else?


    We can’t add or upload themes here since the themes from outside wordpress.COM have to be modified to work within the limitations here, and have to have a bunch of stuff added to them to support the unique features here. In addition, they have to be reviewed and modified as necessary for security issues. If you were to install a theme from outside here, it would be missing a lot, and may even perhaps not work here.



    Are there specific new features you’re looking for? We often update our older themes and we love hearing new feature requests.

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