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Updating a post, what's the best way?

  1. What I mean is, sometimes I need to re-do a post in order to show the latest rendering of an image, etc. (being as my sites are mainly art & photo sites). Should I just redo the post even if it's several weeks or months old, and hope someone eventually notices it in the archives...or in my case would I be better off changing the post date to a current date? On dot Org there are plugins that show updates, but IMO they were kind of messy (the one I had was!)

    Just wondering what the ideal modus operandi would be for doing that...?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This will give you something to think about:

    Changing the date on a Post is bad as that breaks the links to that Post - so if someone has linked to that Post it is now broken - search engines don't like that -

  3. Hmm, and here I thought that was a stupid question for me to ask!

    ...make a new Post with a short note that you have updated an older Post with great new expanded info - and have a link in the new Post to the update Post.

    Looks like the best option for me is to just do that. I'm connected with Facebook via RSS and it works fine. I also have a few followers I wouldn't want to disappoint...since this is the first time in my life I've ever actually had followers! Wouldn't want to upset the search engines either...since, again, for the first time, I actually feel "settled in" here, and I understand that dot Com has automatic features to make our sites SEO friendly.

    Thank you for the advice!...much appreciated.

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