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    Hello wp forumites, I did a search to see if this issue had been addressed and cannot find exactly what problem I am experiencing, so I appologize if this is a re-post.

    I wrote a post a few days ago, and under the text I have a pdf link – to a pdf I uploaded in the media library. During the week, I need to update the pdf. So I do so on my desktop. I then upload the newer pdf file to my library, deleting the original file afterwards – I also tried deleting the file first before uploading the newer version. The file name remains the same, it is a standard report I publish so I do not want to change the name.

    After I save the file upload, and insert it back into the post, it does not reflect the newer revised file, it opens the original file – which I already deleted! Crazy. I cannot get the post to show the newer revised pdf file.

    How can you update a post using the same media file that had been revised then?


    Rename the new pdf file and then re-load it and see if that works. I find if you try to re-size / resample a photo and then upload it under the same name, it doesn’t take.



    When you tell WP to delete a file, that doesn’t mean it does it *right now*.

    I’ve had problems with duplicate filenames of the sort you’re decribing here.

    It’s always best to use a totally different name or to use numbering to distinguish them:

    Filename001 — first file
    Filename002 — updated file (then tell WP to delete Filename 001)

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