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Updating BLog Entries

  1. augustinejohnthebaptist

    I am no longer unable to update any of my pages at I had to create this blog with a system of "dates" to keep the pages in order. Because I have "weird numbers" as dates, whatever change you recently made prevents me from updating the pages. Why did you make the change? Can you change it back. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. augustinejohnthebaptist

    A sample of a date I use would be January 7, 0018. I created place holders so that each entry would appear in chronological order for search pages. Otherwise entries would be in reverse chronological order. I hope this makes sense.

  3. augustinejohnthebaptist

    okay, i think i fixed it. I changed the first 0 of 0018 to a 1 and it allows me to save. So i will do that for all entries.

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