Updating Domain Registrar Information

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    WP Forum-ites –

    I recently (three days ago) had Homestead change their domain name servers to point to my blog at WordPress for two of my domains. Then I went to the domain section on WordPress and added my two domains and paid the $10 each for credits, and subsequently applied the credits. Now, when I or anyone else accesses my domains, it points to my blog here. All good so far.

    However, when I go to whois.net I see that tucows still has my registrar-of-record listed as Homestead. Does this ever change? I’m going to cancel my accounts at Homestead (and soon, before they bill me again!) but I’m afraid to do that while I’m unsure if, as the registrar of record, it matters if my account becomes inactive with them.

    Can you advise: a) does this matter, b) does WordPress change the registrar information with ICANN, c) will I get hosed, d) is there something else I was supposed to do? Again, I purchased the credits AND applied them. From my account page on WordPress everything looks like it should (based on conversations with other WordPress account holders, who nonetheless, aren’t sure how to help me).



    This doesn’t matter. tucows will still be your registrar unless you transfer the domains to another registrar (we don’t allow transfers to us at this time). By changing your DNS, you’re telling the registrar where to direct any requests for the domains.

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