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Updating email server addresses

  1. Hi, hope someone can tell me where I'm going wrong!

    I added my domain name to my blog and during that process I was asked if I wanted to move my email too, which I clicked yes to before realising WordPress doesn't actually host email itself.

    I am now trying to add mx records which I obtained from my email host provider, but the 'A' record is being rejected. Dunno if this is a simple syntax issue or something else altogether.

    The 2 records I've been given are;

    MX 0

    The first (A) record is being rejected by WordPress, can anyone tell me why?

    Many thanks....

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Maybe this will help:

    These are the record types that made my email work
    A mail<br /> MX 10
    Note the full stop (period) after the com

    I will also flag this for the staff and maybe they can help you with the formatting more - when I moved I got the info from my old host that I kept the email with but the formatting was a bit different here

  3. Please try to add these dns records in your Custom DNS field at 'Store' -> 'Domains' -> 'Edit DNS' in your blog's dashboard.

    A mail
    MX 0
  4. Thanks for your help guys! I've added those 2 records in the 'Edit DNS' section and both seem to have been accepted. There is still a record which seems to be there by default; MX 0
    Should this always remain?

  5. You can remove that record.

  6. @kardotim - I am curious why
    MX 0
    and not:
    MX 10


  7. He was referring to 0 not 0 . The MX record has to have a subdomain because that links to the IP address of their TuCows domain/mail provider.

    The MX preference number only matters when there are multiple MX records. Either 0 or 10 is fine.

  8. Brilliant, thanks again,will let you know what happens when/if email comes back up!

  9. Thanks -

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