Updating Fresh News version on wordpress.com

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    Greetings… I had already purchased Fresh News 1.2.7. a year ago or so for my wordpress.com blog http://cheshmandaz.org. Yesterday I purchased and paid for the new version Fresh News 3.0, assuming I can update my theme version to 3.0 on wordpress.com. It turned out that it is very difficult (or impossible) to update the theme version on wordpress.com (at least I couldn’t). I’d like to ask for help with this, either to help me update the Fresh News version to 3.0 or refund the $70 that I paid for the new version. My order number for the new purchase is #5100124561. I’d very much appreciate your help. Best, DjavadiA
    Blog url: http://cheshmandaz.org/

    The blog I need help with is cheshmandaz.org.

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