Updating is slow and sluggis

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    For the last 24 hours whenever I go to my wordpress site, it slows my whole internet down. At times it has taken over 10 minutes to post a basic post.

    The scrolling is to a minimum and it has been effecting any other pages I might have open. Any right clicking on my mouse is a nightmare

    I thought at first it my have been my computer but I have cleaned up everything. It has only been as soon as wordpress is open in one of my tabs.

    Please help as this is driving me crazy…..

    The blog I need help with is tvnewstoday.wordpress.com.



    Can someone help me with this please. It is still happening.

    Is it just me or is it a wordpress issue all around?


    It’s not just you.
    I’ve noticed any WordPress blog I visit & my own is extremely slow, impossible to scroll, and also slows everything else down.
    Once I am able to click away from WordPress, everything returns to normal.

    So it has to be something WP has changed or something. I don’t experience this anywhere else, just on WP blogs.



    At least I know it is not just my site, and it should be something that wp can fix. Fingers crossed that they can do something soon

    Thanks for letting me know snowfrostwych



    Can someone please sort this out as it has been 4 days now

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