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Updating my blog.

  1. Hello world. I have some serious problem with updating my blog. I have written a new contribution and and I posted it as normal. But still I can view the old contribution. Does anybody out there have the same problem? What shall I do. Hope somebody can help me!

  2. That's not a problem; that is the way blogs work. All your old entries will also be on display, below your more current entries.

    Or do you mean that the new one didn't show up?

  3. There are 9 blog posts on the front page and the top one has today's date January 29th. The next one down is dated January 13th.

    What exactly do you perceive the problem to be?

  4. You may want to post links to the two posts that you are talking about as well. Only you can see what's going on with your blog in your eyes. We need to see what you're looking at. :)

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