Updating post between my laptop and my Blackberry Playbook

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    I create my blog posts and manage it on my laptop computer. But I also have a Blackberry Playbook with the WordPress for Blackberry app. version 2.1.5

    How do I update posts from one to the other? Haven’t been able to do it!
    Blog url: http://themuleshoe.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is themuleshoe.wordpress.com.


    How do I update posts from one to the other?

    Can you reply to this forum thread with some additional details regarding what you’re trying to do? (More specifically, updating posts originally drafted on which device?)



    I originate the posts on my office laptop. I then want them to be transferred to my Blackberry Playbook. I could then ideally Edit, originate new posts, etc. on the Playbook and transmit them back to the laptop when I would publish the finished posts.

    However after transferring the original posts to the Playbook I am unable to do anything else. Can’t add new posts or updated existing posts from the laptop to the Playbook. Certainly no hope of transmitting from Playbook to laptop.

    Makes app worthless at this point.


    I’m sorry for the hassle. I don’t have a BlackBerry Playbook handy, so I’ve pinged our developers for further details.

    (You can also post to the WordPress for BlackBerry Forums in the meantime, if you’d like.)

    Since I believe it’s safe to assume the functionality might be similar to the WordPress for iOS, can you try refreshing the posts list?



    It seems to be accurately updating the views by day.

    However when I try refreshing the post (by hitting the circular icon on the upper right ) it gives me a pair of messages.

    “You’ve made changes to an uploaded post that haven’t been saved yet. Proceed with the refresh and overwrite local changes? Yes/No

    I hit yes, and get the following message”

    XMLRPC Fault: Bad Login/pass combination. (code 403)


    So whats going on?



    BTW: How do I save an updated post here?

    no instructions with this app


    Sounds like your credentials might be outdated in the app. Try going back to the main dashboard view that has all of the buttons, and tap ‘Settings’. Update your username/password there and then tap ‘Save’. Return to the posts list and try the refresh again.



    Seems like I must have had something not saved. Saved it and can now HOPEFULLY transmit back and forth.

    BUT, how to edit on the BB Playbook? Really need to see some instructions, is there a manual?


    Do you mean how to edit an existing post? Just tap the edit button:

    Then you can tap in the content area to type edits and apply formatting, etc.

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