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Updating Posts

  1. I want to update a post by adding a sort of addendum to the end, while keeping the original text for "truth maintenance" reasons. But since I also want people to see it, it would be nice if it jumped back to the top of my blog as of the time I publish the updated version.

    Can someone with more experience save me some trial and error by showing me how they would do this?

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why don't you just Sticky it? Alternately, you can change the timestamp. Both of those are done on the right-hand sidebar of the Edit Post page.

  3. Does changing the timestamp change the post's URL? If so, does that mean that the original post would still exist with the original URL?

  4. No, and Yes. It's the same post, just transported in time.

  5. ("No" goes to the second question, "yes" to the first.)

  6. Oh really? I've done it before and it didn't change the URL, but that was before URLs were editable.

  7. Wow! Thanks guys.

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