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    MY credit card will not work for purchacing an upgrade
    Blog url: http://rachelswellnessinfo.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is rachelswellnessinfo.wordpress.com.



    The only methods of payment for upgrades are major credit cards from approved countries and PayPal supported countries. There are no other payment options. If you have issues with your credit card being accepted or with PayPal please contact your credit crad provider or PayPal directly.


    Thank you timethief, I used a Bank of America Visa card from the USA…. Already checked with the actual Bank itself says its alright and I have re-entered the card 2 times so I am stuck for now.
    Just wondering has anyone out there used a pre-paid credit card to do an up grade?? Maybe I should try that route since I do not have a paypal account set up.



    I don’t see any transaction attempts on your account.

    Would you please quote the errors you see when attempting to use the card?


    Macmanx, It said” invalid card/data “or something like that in a shaded pink boxed area up on top after I enterd the card info and hit the charge button.
    All of the card information vanished, entered it again and the same thing happend. I check my online banking to see if there was a charge but there was not.



    That would definitely mean the card data is not correct.

    Are you absolutely sure that it’s a Visa card with a Visa logo, or is it just a standard debit card?


    Yes, it definitely has the” Visa” logo and I use it for online purchases all the time. So weird….I thought it might be “user error” on my part but I checked it and re-checked it. I will try it i more time before i go buy a pre-paid Master Card.



    Ok, please let us know how it goes!

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