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    So I am a little confused on the space upgrade. I was informed that I ran out of space to upload photos but that I could use flicker, or delete photos to make more room. Well if I delete photos it takes them off my previous posts…dont want to do this! I purchased a space upgrade of 10GB for 19.95. It is telling me that it will expire one year from today…I thought I was purchasing an additional 10GB for my blog…how does this expire?
    It took me 3 years to use the free 3GB and I was under the assumption that I could use the 10GB until it was full.
    I also tried to use flicker to upload photos, but can only upload one photo at a time (cannot figure out how to put multiple photos from flicker onto one blog post) which would be very frustrating to my followers to get multiple emails notifying them of a new post for just one picture in the post.
    I have left a few emails to the contact me section of the website and haven’t heard back in 5 days…very frustrating and want to get some answers…Can I contact someone over the phone???

    The blog I need help with is darlingcollections.com.



    ALL upgrades expire one year from the purchase date. If you want it for eternity you either have to keep renewing or use an external source like Flickr. If this is not what you thought, you can ask for a refund on the Store page.

    If you download the “Flickr Uploader” you can upload multiple photos at a time. You have to put them in your blog posts one at a time, though.


    I know I can upload multiple photos at a time on Flicker, but I want multiple photos in my blog posts at one time so my subscribers are not getting 10 emails if I want 10 photos in a single post.

    I am just wanting to have a simple little blog for my daughter and not pay a fortune for it…So far I have had to pay for the wordpress, pay to have my .com on wordpress, pay for my domain…and now pay to have photos on my blog…
    I figured out that I did upload my photos in a very large format and can resize them to save space on my free 3GB, but how can I resize them without going through every post I have made and edit it…

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