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  1. charmingattack

    I want to upgrade my account with a domain and hosting
    do you migrate my blog ? and set it as i view it as now?

  2. and are completely separate and different. Read the differences here >

    If you need help then we need you to post an active link starting with http:// to the exact blog you are referring to.

  3. Is this the blog you are referring to?
    If so you can purchase a domain mapping upgrade.

    If you want to hire a web host and move your blog content into a self hosted WordPress.ORG install see:

  4. Thanks! yes, i boutgth it, i just thought would have access to my files and FTP.
    Because now there is a 301 redirect.

    Where are the files now, and google is going to index the info?

    Im interested only on a .com

  5. charmingattack

    Do you know id i can add a google analytics code?

  6. With, FTP access is not offered. You can learn more here:

    As long as your site isn't set to disallow search engines under Settings > Reading, Google should index your site just like any other.

    We don't currently support Google Analytics, but you can verify your site using Google Webmaster Tools:

    We also provide statistics:

    As timethief mentioned above, if you want third-party hosting, that option is available with self-hosted sites.

    If you have any further questions, just let me know.

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