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Upgrade billing problems

  1. We renewed our upgrades for yesterday -- or tried to. We received an error message after the first try and tried again -- another error message. Now I have two receipt of payment emails and one saying our updates have not been renewed. I am very concerned about this. The problem seems to be related to the fact that the card used expires at the end of this month -- which should not be an issue yet. I am concerned that Judy not be charged twice for this and that these upgrades not expire!

    --Aleta Johansen
    Blog url:

  2. I see that Private Registration was renewed twice, so I have refunded that. Sorry for the trouble!

  3. Actually, it looks like the domain renewal did not go through at all, so I refunded that as well.

    Please try renewing the domain manually via Store -> Domains in your blog's Dashboard.

  4. Thanks! We'll try to get to this today but we do have until the 13th, right?

  5. Yes, that is correct.

  6. Great! Thanks for your quick help!

  7. You're welcome!

  8. HELP! It is saying that it expired and is not letting me renew!

  9. I started a new thread because this one had been marked resolved, but the mod said to stick with this one. That's ok I just want this to be resolved.

    Some places say the upgrades have expired, some places say they are active. We've been trying to renew for the past two days and have run into a number of problems. We got errors both when using cards and paypal, but also got receipts saying the payments were made. Please please help me get this resolved.

  10. Are you referring to still?

    If so, you renewed just private registration for $8. I have refunded this charge.

    Please make sure that you visit Store -> Domains in your blog's Dashboard to renew the domain.

  11. yes, it is still judyodesigns

    at store > domains it says the domain is active and will renew on 09/12/13 but if I go to "my upgrades" or if I click on Manage subscriptions while in "domains" it says the upgrades have expired.

  12. if I go back to the email and click the renew button in that it takes me to a page to renew, that lists the upgrades -- which total 26 dollars -- and an 18 dollar credit saying I owe 8. I tried to pay that via PayPal and got an error message with a link to the WordPress support page. Then I got a receipt from paypal saying I had paid 8 dollars, which now I guess you have refunded to me. We really have been trying to pay this 26 dollars and are thwarted at every turn!!

  13. Please do not click the link in the email.

    Please visit Store -> Domains again. You will be able to renew it now that I have removed the incorrect charges.

  14. And if I click on the notices at the top of the dashboard page it takes me to the same place the renewal email does, saying I owe 8 dollars.

  15. I'll go do that now!

  16. I cleared my cache and I still find everything the same as I describe above.

  17. so to be clear, if I go to store > domains it says it is active and will renew on 9/13/13 if from there I click on manage domain subscriptions it tells me that the domain -- all upgrades -- "have" expired on 09/13/12

  18. It is also still true that if I click on the reminders to renew at the top of the the dashboard page it takes me to a page where I could attempt to make a payment, but it says that my total is 8 dollars because of an 18 dollar credit that I do not understand. If I pay from that page will everything be renewed or just the private reg. ??

  19. So I just tried paying from the page described above and got this message:

    There was a problem renewing Please contact support. Tell them you got the error code 1001.

    24716895 is not a valid DBP resource id for shopper 55734024

  20. and I received a receipt...

    Your Upgrades were purchased successfully.

    Item: Private Registration for
    Cost: $8

    Item: Domain Registration – mapped to
    Cost: $18

    I am sorry to be such a pain but I am So Confused and Frustrated! So are we renewed or not???

  21. Everything still as above. Are we renewed or not renewed. Worried as today is the 13th

  22. Your domain was renewed through September 13, 2013 successfully.

    Sorry for the trouble!

  23. Thank you. I am very relieved.

  24. You're welcome!

  25. I assume I can ignore this email I got this evening:

    Hi there

    During a routine check, we noticed that the domain "" on your blog has recently expired. It looks like you had this domain set to renew automatically, but the renewal failed due to a technical error and the domain was not renewed.

    We fixed the error that caused the auto-renew to fail, so you can now renew your domain manually.

    If you want to keep your blog available on this domain, please renew it in the next 10 days. You can do it under Store > My Upgrades in your dashboard.

    Please note that if you don't renew this domain, your blog will no longer be available on

    Let me know if this helps and if you have any more questions.


  26. Yes, you can safely ignore that.

    Sorry for the confusion!

  27. I have a question, I got charged on September 9th 2012 for the renew of my domain "" and I didn't receive a notification or anything in my upgrades that say that I paid. And yesterday (September 26th 2012) I got charged again. And again, didn't find anything in my dashboard that say that I already paid twice, just the renew day was set on October 10th 2012, I had to cancel the automatically renew, but I don't know what is happening with my domain payment and also, I don't know how to get a refund for the second payment. I'll really appreciate an answer and help as soon as possible. In my Upgrades says that my website will expire on October 10th!

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