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    Hi –
    Where can I upgrade so I can get GA? I’ve tried many places without any luck.
    Where can I find how to contact support or a representative other than a public forum? Every ‘contact us’ or ‘support’ link I have tried leads me to this public forum which is a little misleading.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is themonitoringblog.es.



    Hi there,

    re: googles analytics
    There is no alternative when it comes to wordpress.COM hosted blogs. You either purchase the Business upgrade for $299 US per year or you don’t have access to Google Analytics.http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2015/01/29/google-analytics-for-wordpress-com-business-sites/

    Read also: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/e-commerce-22?replies=17#post-2575955

    There is no phone support. For all the support options when you have technical support issues see https://en.support.wordpress.com/help-support-options/

    Those who have a paid upgrade use the “Contact Support” form, http://support.wordpress.com/contact/ where they will receive a choice of having staff answer your question publicly or privately.

    The best contact form to use now is:
    Live chat will be available there if we have Happiness Engineers available to chat.

    re: direct email support
    Also note, that you can email Staff at:


    Wow – thank you so much! :) Very helpful.

    One last question – do I have to pay 299/year per domain?



    Yes, there are no bulk deals. Hopefully, you understand that no e-commerce plugins are included in that plan any more.


    Wow…. highway robbery!!! Thanks for your help you are a real gem :)



    Yo! I don’t think it’s a case of robbery, but you’re welcome. :)


    hello – I have a different thread open but no one has responded. I’m trying to purchase the upgrade but I need someone to change the setting so I am able to purchase in US dollars.

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