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  1. I have already purchased the upgrade and went through on the credit card, but not showing up on my account? wondering why that is?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What upgrade did you purchase?

  3. THE PREMIUM ONE $99. showed i got it on 8-15-2014

  4. And it's not on your dashboard Upgrade page for that blog? Okay, I flagged this for staff to sort out.

  5. Have you checked at Dashboard > Store > Billing History?

  6. Hi there,

    I'm showing that you bought the Premium bundle on 08/18/2014 for your blog and that it is still active. Are you not seeing it attached to your account?

    Let me know!

  7. It's actually showing I bought it twice still on the bank statement and the guy I talked to said it would be taken off and it hasn't. So I'm asking for a refund and deleting my website .

  8. Don't delete your website. If you were charged twice for an upgrade, then a staff member can fix the mistake. Deleting means that your url will be gone.

  9. Best option to handle this problem is for you to stay in contact with staff. Subscribe to this topic so you'll be notified when there is a response! Most of us are volunteers who cannot access payment issues, but amightywp is staff and will be able to help you.

  10. OK, I just looked through your account and there was only one purchase of the Premium bundle, which was bought on the 18th. Per your request I went ahead and cancelled that out and have issued you a refund. Depending on your bank and their policies you should see that appear in your account in the next few days to few weeks.

    As I mentioned, I wasn't able to find any other upgrade in your account, but if you created a second account I wouldn't have found that. Is it possible that you used a different email address to create a second account and bought a second bundle? If you think that might be the case, let me know any details you might have and I'll take a look!

  11. Oh, and if you'd still like to delete your blog, you can do so. Here are some instructions on how to delete your blog:

  12. No, i only had one email address i made on the blog, it charged me on the 15th on my bank statement, and i never saw it on my history, so i got the upgrade again on the 18th and the man said it would only charge me once not twice. So i am charged for the 15th and 18th. Thats around $200 something bucks and thats quite alot.

  13. OK, I was able to find the other upgrade. It looks like you created two accounts, the first of which was using the wrong spelling of your email address and site name. I went ahead and took care of that one too.

    You are still welcome to delete that site as well by following the same instructions which I gave to you previously. If you decide you'd like to keep your Bundle, you can feel free to repurchase it on whichever account you'd like to keep! :)

  14. It is still showing the $99 for the other website i guess i made miss spelling stuff and would like that taken off. I am trying to delete both pages and would be most grateful to receive both of my $99 please and thank you

  15. Hi there,

    We issued refunds for both purchases, but it can sometimes take up to 10 business days for refunds to appear on your statement. If that refund doesn't show up, please contact your credit card company for more information.

    If there's anything more I can do to help, please let me know!

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