Upgrade of wordpress HTML motor?

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    Had you recently an upgrade in formatting of html code by wordpress? Until the end of this month, I used to edit text via the “text” mode with simple html codes that were accepted by wordpress motor. From today, it’s no more working for some of these. For instance, when switching from “text” to “visual” the format directive <div align=”justify”> is lost and replaced by an idle <div>. Is this a wanted upgrade of your motor? Or could you tell me what I can do to continue to format my blog as before?

    The blog I need help with is roquibridge.wordpress.com.



    Yes this wpMU (wordpress multi-user) blogging platform has recently been upgraded. In fact it’s on continuous rollout so code changes are made every day.

    FWIW I’m visually challenged and I despise justified text as it decreases readability and annoys me. I also know that justify is one of those tricky customizations where your results may not be exactly as you expect and now we are moving to HTML5 and CSS 3 you will have to update your coding.



    Thanks for the information. This means that the host implements randoms code changes so that old user pages are no more compatible with the platform. You may dislike justified text but it’s not the only command which has been disabled. it’s the same with left, right or center and i find unfortunate that basic commands such are <div> suddenly turn to be unavailable.



    I’m sorry this is happening and I can’t help. I tagged this thread for Staff assistance.



    The Div align attribute is no longer supported in HTML 5.

    Try this instead:

    <div style="text-align:justify">

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