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Upgrade Packages

  1. Other than obvious (size), is there any difference between the upgrade packages? And, other than space, what do the upgrade packages offer?

  2. The upgrade packages are as follows:

    - Hosting your own domain

    - Being able to modify your CSS for your blog

    - Making your blog private for more than 35 users. (Without that upgrade, you can lock your blog but only allow in less than 35 users to see it)

    Do note that those are seperate packages. I'm assuming that you;ve seen Dashboard -> Upgrades, right?

  3. i think the user is asking about the 1/5/10GB upgrades

  4. Sorry for the confusion. I keep thinking WordPress is staffed with mindreaders. :-)

    While searching the FAQ for info on posting music, I found a post ( listing 4 options. Option 2 says I can buy a space upgrade that will allow me to upgrade mp3, ogg, wav, etc. and play them.

    Now I'm wondering what the differences are between the space upgrades other than size.

    As an added question, does this upgrade work for the sites, or only .org/outside hosted sites?

  5. Are you sure you don't know my ex? She always assumed that I was supposed to read minds, especially hers. :)

    The upgrades are for here at only. Sites hosted elsewhere are not connected with

    The only other differences between the size upgrades are the costs and sizes involved. The details are listed at the Upgrade page as mentioned above.

  6. Thanks drmike.

    When I looked at the Upgrades tab in my dashboard, it does list the 5 different upgrades, (3 of which are size) but says nothing about the features (other than size) of the 1 5 10 gb upgrades. Before I plop down 90 bucks for 90 credits, I wanted to know if i was getting more features than just space and the ability to upload 9 more file types, as indicated in the FAQ.

    Other searches through the FAQ don't seem to offer any more info.

  7. the ability to upload 9 more file types

    The only file types you can upload without the upgrade are: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt
    With the space upgrade you can also upload: mp3, avi, ogg, m4a, mp4, mpg, mov, wav, and wmv
    Perhaps it would be easier to help you if you stated what it is that you want to achieve.
    Specifically which "features" are you looking for?
    What is "the ideal outcome"?

  8. I think it's just the nine but, as TT asks, maybe if we knew what you were trying to do, we may be able to answer better.

  9. What I am looking for is an description of what the upgrade packages include before purchasing any. For instance, if purchasing the 10 gig will get me not only 10 gig of space, ability to upload 9 more file type AND mind reading capabilities, then I'd purchase that one. If all are the same, then I'd base my decision on my space needs.

    I know what I want to do (which is upload mp3s), and understand that any of the 3 space upgrades will provide that, but if any of them offer more, then I'd be interested in knowing what. I guess I am just trying to be an educated consumer and buy the upgrade with the best value.

  10. Thanks for the followup and the explaination as to your question. :)

    Here's the original post about the upgrade program. To the best of my knowledge, there is no difference between the three levels of space upgrades and I don't see any mention about differences between the different levels.

  11. Thanks, Doc.

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