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Upgrade payment options

  1. Hello, I want to buy an upgrade via paypal. I want to send money by my paypal balance. How can I do it? can you send me an email for the payment? the system keep asking me for a a credit card I don’t have. Thanks for the support. Regards.
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  2. The only methods of payment for upgrades are major credit cards from approved countries and PayPal supported countries. There are no other payment options.

  3. can you send me an email for the payment?

    No. does not invoice.

  4. Thank’s for the quick reply. My situation is a bit awkward. I’ve funded my paypal account with the upgrade money, but the system doesn’t allow the payment if I don't have a credit card. The money is there but the bird doesn’t sing. Thanks anyway. Cheers.

  5. I'm sorry this didn't work well for you and you're welcome.

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