Upgrade sale question?

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    I currently host my site on another hosting company, and I have a premium theme that is also available in the business bundle. I will like to know how does it work. How to reach sales?
    .com versus other wordpress hosting companies. Can I have unlimited email accounts with my domain?

    The blog I need help with is www.dhillonmarty.org.


    the second site is http://www.dhillonmarty.com



    Since the themes are highly modified to run here I would expect that you would need to purchase the theme here – there is no upgrade that will allow you to upload your own theme – I am not staff but I doubt you would get a discount for the old theme

    WordPress.COM does not provide email accounts – the number of email address would depend on who you had your email hosted with – Gmail has the ability to do custom email accounts as do many other hosts and services – I have a mapped domain name and my email is hosted with my old host (reduced price over having my site hosted there)

    The business bundle is new so I will flag this for the staff’s attention


    How can I reach the staff in real time to make the choice on the upgrade. By the way, why did you more. What type of hosting bundle are you using and what do you like about it. Thanks.



    I moved in part to get out of being a system admin for my web site – to simplify my life – the staff now takes care of updating the software and many other little details of having a web site – less cost also and a more robust server farm –


    How is it less cost? Which type of upgrade did you select? Thanks.


    I also want to go away from being the website admin. How can you get active support from the staff? Many thanks for your guidance.



    Business class gives you direct access to staff help – sorry don’t have any more details than that. Business Class is a new upgrade just launched.

    The site linked to my name has domain mapping and no ads upgrades – $ 43.– / year. My needs are simple and the stock themes are fine for me.

    My old host charges me $ 60.– / year for email on two domains – I have several email addresses with the account. My old host is a small local company – their pricing is in line with the large companies for the same package.

    The staff checks the forum on a regular basis – most of the questions are answered by unpaid volunteers. When we can’t give a full answer or are not sure of something we flag it for the staff to review and help.


    Thanks. I am trying to upgrade, but I cannot get to that page.



    Since all upgrades are per blog here you need a blog to buy the upgrades for


    Since you are going to be domain mapping the base blog name does not really matter but I would recommend that you pick a blog name that matches or is close to your custom domain name – that will be a bit less confusing since you will log into your-blog.wordpress.com for your blog – but visitors will see your-blog.com


    Sorry to bother. For now I have a site hosted through third party by using wordpress.org. I will like to move it to wordpress.com and upgrade it at the same time so my visitors will see the same http://www.my customdomain.com. How do I go about it?



    Hi there,

    Here are some instructions for transferring your blog contents from your WordPress.org blog to a WordPress.com blog:

    You’ll want to go to Tools > Export on your WordPress.org blog, and while leaving your site running, go to your new WordPress.com blog and go to Tools > Import > WordPress and upload the XML file. The specific instructions can be found at the link.

    To map your existing domain, you’ll want to do this:

    Most important to note: WordPress.com doesn’t accept incoming domain transfers, so you will have to update your nameservers to point to WordPress.com, and you will need to continue to manage your domain with your current registrar (including renewals).

    I hope that’s helpful!


    I purchased a business bundle, but I still cannot get to live chat? I could use some chat help to finish the install and transfer.


    Under the business bundle, can I change between themes any time?



    You can only get live chat during business hours.

    Yes, you can always change between themes. The business bundle allows you to change between premium themes as well as free ones, I’ve heard.



    Hi there Sonia,

    Live chat support is available for the business bundle on US business days, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm EST (UTC-5).

    You can change your theme whenever you want with any WordPress.com blog. With the business bundle you can switch between any of our 200+ themes, free of additional charge.

    I hope that helps! If you plan to be online during those hours, you can get the extra help you need for the install and transfer.



    Well, how do I reach the chat support?



    Have you purchased the upgrade?





    Then it should be visible on the Help page, I believe somewhere on the bottom left hand side.

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