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Upgrade the browser

  1. canillita, have you tried deleting cookies and cache? They say to do that if anything goes wrong but I don't know. Sorry.

  2. Folks, we need to know what you're seeing. Telling us "It doesn't work" doesn't help since all we can do it guess. If you're getting some sort of error or if's timing out or at the very least telling us what is occuring will help us help you.

    The API issue is already covered in two other threads and has been recognized as an issue already.

  3. I uninstalled Flock from my computer and reinstalled. When I add wordpress back to my blogs, I receive the following message:

    Error retrieving blogs

    There was an error detecting your blog settings. Click OK and re-enter the username and password. To manually configure your blog, click Cancel.

    So, I click Cancel and select Movable Type API from the XML-RPC API field. I put in my blog ID and use the folling for the Access Point:

    I receive the same error. I get this same error on my Windoze flock and my OSX flock.

    So, I tried using Qumana. I receive the following message:
    Error trying to retrieve your blog information. Error decoding XML-RPC response: The processing instruction target matching "[xX][mM][lL]" is not allowed.

    Hope that helps.

  4. I've reported that. It's the same issue as Windows Live Writer it seems.

  5. And Flock too Mark see this thread below

  6. Just as a note: I'm using konqueror (3.5.5), and there are no problems at all.

  7. Gosh and here I thought I might be hallucinating but Cornell and I remembered the thread Mark originally put up as a pink sticky.

  8. It was. I didn't drop it.

    I don't mind folks promoting their browser choice around here but when it gets down to the promoting over actually solving an issue asked, that's getting away from the 'support' in 'support forum.'

    For example, we all know that Volvo promotes themselves as having the safest autos on the road. How many folks actually drive one though?

    Plus some of us may be stuck with the browser we're stuck with. Remember me in the UNCC library. I had Netscape 7.0 on the first floor, Netscape 7.1 on the second and Netscape 7.2 on the third with no option to upgrade and an IT department who was basically "Firefox? Opera? What are those?"

    At least I had IE on those machines.

  9. Indeed we do concur then.

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