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  1. I just signed up as a user, selecting the option where I don't have a blog. My user name is my own name. I'm trying to get a domain name and start a website for my business (The Film Practice) and I want the domain to be either or When I try to upgrade to the business bundle by clicking on the appropriate button, nothing happens. I suspect that if I had opted to get a blog to begin with, this wouldn't be happening. It seems like a fix is needed on your site. I'm ready to buy the biz bundle. Any advice?

  2. When you map a domain name there must be an underlying blog subdomain URL that you map from to the domain URL. Without it you are dead in the water. To register a URL (note it does not matter what it is when you are domain mapping) see here >

  3. Thanks timethief. So would I need to cancel my account and re-register if I wanted to keep the same username? I can't find a way to get the blog now that I've registered without one. If so, how do I cancel my account. I went to settings but didn't see that option.

  4. No. username accounts are not deleted. When we register a username account the matching blog is reserved for our future use. You can register it.

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