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    I recently upgraded my hosting and domain services to a Cloud. One of my sites (above) is hosted at WordPress.com but the email service is now on the cloud. The instructions given by the migration team ask me to change DNS A, which is not possible in WordPress.

    Please advise!

    Here are the migration instructions:
    As for calligraphiabymelissa.com’s mail service, please contact your other service provider (WordPress.com) and make following changes in DNS zone for the domain:
    1) Please create DNS A record for mail.calligraphiabymelissa.com, this DNS A record should be pointed to IP address.
    2) Please change DNS MX record for your domain and please point it to mail.calligraphiabymelissa.com. This way you will be able to re-point your domain to your Cloud server.

    Per calligraphiabymelissa.com DNS CNAME record you have created will not work as an alias to an IP address. Fully qualified domain name only can be used for CNAME record. Please try to contact WordPress support in order to check if this is possible to create DNS A record for mail.calligraphiabymelissa.com -> or please check with them IP addresses that should be used with your domain so we could use them on your Cloud server.

    The blog I need help with is calligraphiabymelissa.com.



    You are unable to change the DNS for calligraphiabymelissa.com because that domain is not registered with WordPress.com, it is only mapped here for use with a WordPress.com site. According to the whois data, your registrar is http://tucowsdomains.com

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