upgraded to CSS and lost my header

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    Hi! I have Ambiru and just upgraded to CSS. Already changed the width, one big goal, but somehow have lost my header. I clicked on Appearance/Header and followed the directions to upload it again. It was a .jpg file without the CSS (and was showing up fine). Now in the CSS script or whatever it’s called in the section called header, the image is referred to as a .png file. I resaved the image as a .png, but no dice. It lets me upload the image, or seems to, and if I click No on the security dialogue box that always appears (in Explorer, anyway), I will get to the next screen to crop the image, which I always do a little just to make sure it ‘hears’ me, and then hit crop image, but the next screen sometimes shows me the empty space with one of those little postage stamp image things with a red X in it, and sometimes is just empty. But no matter what, when I Visit Site, there’s nothing in my header.

    I’ve had this same kind of trouble in the past, and just sheer persistence has solved it. But I’ve done the upload sequence about fifty times and can’t get it to take.

    My name is linked to my other blog. The one I’m working on is http://whitelilyfiction.wordpress.com

    The blog I need help with is thewhitelilyblog.wordpress.com.


    You probably have Custom CSS that is overriding the custom header. See this page for details:


    Wow, fast response! Is that address they reference the address of the image on my own computer?

    (I should have read all that before I plunged ahead and lost the header!)




    You copied the whole CSS in your CSS Editor… you shouldn’t do that because this is exactly what happens, the images paths are not the same and you get these undesired results. I’d recommend you reading this:


    When you have the CSS upgrade, you don’t need to use the custom header feature, instead you need to set it in your CSS code.


    designsimply, I got that together thanks to your link. Thank you very much!

    Devblog, your blog there is awesome! Unfortunately I’d already made the mistake so it didn’t help me too much. Maybe it’ll help somebody else before they do it, reading this. WordPress directions don’t say a thing about it! They say you have the option to paste the whole CSS script or whatever its name is right in the box. And it kind of works for me except for things like losing your header! It works for me because I don’t learn any CSS writing at all, since I only want to change a few things like margin and colors, so I just hunt for that one thing in the script and change only that one thing and then preview to see what happens and little by little–I get faster at it as I go along–I can change everything thing I want to. But I need the whole script there to do it. That’s how I changed and owned my first blog. It worked fine. But you had a good thought there! Thank you!



    And it kind of works for me except for things like losing your header!

    Yes it works because you’re telling the browser to do exactly the same thing as it was already defined in the original CSS.

    But I need the whole script there to do it. That’s how I changed and owned my first blog. It worked fine.

    Again, it works because the code is not wrong, but you’re sending it twice.

    Don’t get me wrong, and I’m not saying this to discourage or criticize you in a bad way, it’s just to let you know that some of the headaches a person gets because of undesired effects can be avoided if they didn’t paste the whole thing in the Editor.

    Since you’re starting a new blog, I would encourage you to just paste your changes in the Editor, since you already know what to change, you’d only need those changes pasted there… but again, that’s up to you.

    You are right, wordpress should document things better…

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