Upgraded to premium account, new posts not being added

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    I recently upgraded to the premium account, however, when I make a new post through WordPress.com, the posts are not appearing in my blog. I’ve mapped the URL of my blog to my domain, thealienwriter.com, but only my old posts are appearing.

    The blog I need help with is thealienwriter.com.



    http://thealienwriter.com/ is not actually hosted at WordPress.com at all. I think you are looking at two different blogs.

    There is http://thealienwriter.wordpress.com/ and then there is http://thealienwriter.com/ . They are entirely separate and only the first is hosted at WordPress.com.


    I’m trying to transfer hosting to WordPress. How do you do that?



    First you have to transfer the content. On the “old” blog go to your Dashboard Tools page and select Export. This will export your contents. Then hit Import on the dashboard of the new blog. Once all the content has ported over, you can point the custom URL to your WP.com blog wiht the Domain Mapping upgrade.


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