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  1. Hi,

    WHen i say upgrade to 1 GB space for 20 credits. Are this upgrade on monthly basis, yearly basis or for lifetime.

    I mean for 20 credits, i get this 1 GB and is this is a recurring payment monthly or yearly.

    If you can give more details it will be great.


  2. i think you pay 20 credits in one payment, and you'll get the 1gb space.

  3. All upgrades last for for only one year for one blog and then must be renewed.

  4. I sent in a feedback mentioning that it didn't give a time length on the upgrades page. I hope that staff fixes the issue. :)

  5. if he pays the next year, will he get another 1gb space or just the remainder/maintenance of his 1gb purchased this year?

  6. Good question. I believe the year runs from the date of purchase and not from the calendar date i.e. Jan-Dec. Maybe someone can confirm this for us :)

  7. if it's the latter, that doesn't make it a purchase of value, because that's going to cost a lot in the long run! but if it's the former, it'll sort of be working like a top-up system that will never end...

  8. That's why I think the former is probably the case.

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