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    I just purchased an upgrade, and I would have greatly liked a tutorial of some kind to step by step lead you through the process when you have been registered instead of simply having to ask questions on the forum and then hope for an answer, because I see many people have asked the same or similar question but there was no clear answers provided I could find.

    I am a writer and have all my other webpages directed back to my wordpress blog. Now that I’ve upgraded, and it said the other URL would be directed to the new domain, now…I cannot even access or view my blog. I get the message: “not available”. Maybe I typed in a wrong type of address as the name (which you can see here), but should there not have been an error message given if it was incorrect? Is it incorrect?

    Having down time for my blog loses me views, viewers and readers, and this concerns me. How do I get this issue resolved so that my former blog at wordpress has the new and working URL?

    The blog I need help with is redhaircrow.com.



    It’s NEVER a good idea to buy an upgrade when support staff are offline for ten days.

    The site linked to your name is a Facebook page. Volunteers in the forum can’t even begin to help until you give us the URL of the WordPress blog: both the one with “wordpress.com” in it and the new one.

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