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UpGrades Service ? can ya answer me plz

  1. when i Upgrade my wordpress from free to paid account ..

    1- can i get pages html the same like when i setup it with in a web hosting ?
    2- Can upload my own plug-ins and customize whatever what i want ?
    3- how much i need to pay for this service cuz i just see some upgrades and dunno which one i need to get it.
    thx for ur attention

  2. Which upgrade(s) are you talking about? To use plugins, you need to be self hosted or part of the VIP program at, which is aimed at high-traffic clients such as the NY Times.

  3. hi ellaella ..
    amma asking which upgrade or what i must do to can us my wordpress in here da same like hosted blog .. so i can customize it " plugins , themes and this kinds stuff "
    what u must do and if this not in upgrades area .. so where i can find it ?
    thx for ur attetion bro

  4. Essentially, there is NO paid upgrade or combination of upgrades that will do that. You will never be able to add plug-ins or develop your own theme unless you are a MAJOR blog, paying several hundred dollars per month for VIP hosting.

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