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    I quit my partnered blog and made a new one at http://kingpincp.wordpress.com

    I own the domain http://penguincheatscp.com and I cant map it to my blog since it’s already mapped to the old. Should WordPress do this?

    I also bought an CSS Upgrade for one of my old deleted blogs and its still active (it was deleted last month I think) so can WordPress staff put that upgrade on my blog? (it’s been paid for and has about 11 months left until it expires)

    I also will be loosing 4 million hits and i’m not the main owner of the blog so does that means WordPress wont transfer the hits?

    Next question:

    Regarding the file I uploaded….

    – It’s 44 mb and the max upload is 15 mb so everythign wont upload
    – My pictures didnt upload. They stayed linked to my ld site (?)
    – My comments didn’t upload either.

    Is it because of the file size?

    All posts and pages came but not everything like pictures and comments.

    Support: How long does it take for support to email you back? Are they opened today. If a support person reads this, please respond asap!


    The blog I need help with is kingpincp.wordpress.com.



    He Actually Needs This Help. It wouldn’t be fair to him because He actually posted more than the owner of the partenered blog.



    No, I don’t think that is fair. I think WordPress should let you map it to a diffrent blog if you bought the domain and CSS!




    The think the thing is: It can only be mapped once and then it has to be moved. DNS would also be effected.

    Other then that: Anthony is emailing me.



    Update: Is Support open today?

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