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  1. I want to upgrade my blog by buying "space upgrade",but without buying a domain adress.
    Will my Theme, Sidebar,and the widgets in my Theme change after this upgrade.Plus what will be the additional features
    I will get.
    I'm not an experienced user. What I want to know is that; "Will I be able to download javascript
    and script apps.,social share apps.etc.
    Thank you iın advance.
    Best Wishes,
    Hasan Sabri Kayaoglu-Aka "Dedegi"

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, the upgrades for will not allow you to use javascript or other forbidden code:

    Upgrades are for:
    Custom CSS
    Domain Mapping and Domain Registration ( terms of service and restrictions still apply)
    Unlimited Private Users
    Space Upgrade (5GB, 15GB, 25GB)

    details here:

  3. Oh, and detailed information about the space upgrade:

  4. @1tess Thank you.Maybe I didn't ask my questions clearly .
    Can I add Twitter;tweet-retweet,,facebook share,google buzz buttons,disqus comment
    image loading to sidebar(widget) etc.
    Thank You in advance.


  5. Ah! I don't have any of those so I'm not familiar with how they work on
    This thread may help with facebook:
    And maybe take a look through these:

    I'm sure someone else with more experience will pop in with a better answer.
    Happy blogging…

  6. Don't be confused about purchasing a space upgrade. Doing so is very specific. It does not entitle you to go beyond the confines of the TOS and code restrictions placed on all free hosted blogs. See >

    Can I add Twitter;tweet-retweet,,facebook share,google buzz buttons,disqus comment, image loading to sidebar(widget) etc.

    Provided you are not referring to widgets that contain restricted code you can post them on your blog. If they do contain restricted code then you can capture the images and link them to the respective sites and place the images in your sidebar. See > and

  7. This support entry lays out what the restricted codes are at

    Here is what is available Facebook badge >
    Publicize Currently, Publicize supports Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo!. >

  8. @timethief,
    Yes, thanks! That is what I was emphasizing: upgrades do not allow changes to TOS and overcoming code restrictions.
    OP is apparently asking about how to add twitter, facebook, google buzz (I have no experience with any of these, much less how they work with, and disqus comment, which I have never heard of.

    With my non-experience, I just referred to support / forum search about twitter and facebook. I don't know what is and is not possible with those.

    (to me it seems the original question seems to have morphed…)

  9. You are right the original question morphed and I don't have the time to create yet another forum thread that amounts to a blog post.

    Here is a link to a post that is a comprehensive tutorial I published on social booking buttons, badges and widgets that can be used on blogs. >

  10. Excuse the overuse of "seems"

    We can hope this will help!
    (good post btw)

  11. @Tess
    Thanks for the compliment on the post. Although all the links on these forums are no-follow links (no Google juice) it seems the Happiness Engineers are under orders to close them, lest any traffic from members for who the post was created, click the link and hit on my non-monetized blog.

    Mind boggling behavior ... for sure.

  12. Petty
    and I don't mean Tom—
    …and mind boggling

  13. Perhaps some other explanation can be found like ... ?

  14. @timethief
    any rate: yours IS a good post, and it is a good time for me to learn about those social media connections. huh?
    Shoot me an email. Heartbreakers or not, there are still fun things. Sometimes things work in spite of the odds against. I don't know if that is your experience? best for us to speak via email?
    best tess

  15. @timethief&@1tess,
    Thank you for your times,and contributions.I am a retired academician.I've been dealing
    with web activities only for the last ten months.
    It's really hard for me to get adapted to these disciplines of techs in a short time.
    Seems that I'm obliged to read more.
    Read more,learn more.
    @timethief; I have been surfing on your blog's,since January.Indeed your command, and dominance on wordpress is admirable.
    Please keep up the good work for the one's like me,who are trying to cruise on oceans with a small boat,and with row power.
    Thank you,
    Best Wishes,
    Hasn Sabri Kayoglu-Aka Dedegi
    (P.S. Dedegi is;"Dedeciğim"=Dear Grandpa in Turkish. My 3 years old granddaughter couldn't pronounce it,instead she calls me "dedegi")

  16. @timethief, Excuse me for writing my name wrong.It's Hasan,not Hasn. :)

  17. @Hasan
    Thank you so much for for the kind words about my blog posts. I really appreciate them because I work just as hard or even harder on my non-monetized blog posts as make money bloggers do, and because I try to publish posts on topics that truly matter, especially to beginner bloggers, and particularly to bloggers. If you need help then ask for it as there are many capable and competent volunteers with a variety of skills and experience who will be happy to help you.
    Happy blogging. :)

  18. @Hasan
    ("Dedeciğim" - Dedegi: tell your granddaughter how charming she is)
    So you would know that the latest recipe on my blog is not authentic, but is the shape of the manti what you know?
    again, happy blogging!

  19. i was also able to put a "share on facebook" and "retweet button" for my blog.
    html codes because java script don't work.
    Check this guys :)

  20. I still like and now he even has a Facebook Like button.

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