Upgrading from personal to premium plan

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    I was planning to upgrade from personal to premium plan for some time now, but I just realized that my personal plan will expire in 2 months. So, my question is – if I upgrade to premium now, with the discount, will that last for 1 year or just 2 months before I am charged with the full price of $99?

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    The blog I need help with is sharenamarsovka.blog.



    Hi @sharenamarsovka, I believe it depends on when you upgrade relative to your renewal, since we adjust your discount offer accordingly. I can say though we wouldn’t charge you most of the year’s price just for a few months. We try to be sure it’s a good deal for you and fair for us. I hope that helps :) I’d recommend going ahead and upgrading, then getting in touch if you have more questions on that.

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