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    Hi there. I’m just getting started with all the bloggins and I wanted to clarify something about what exactly the ads look that that will not be displayed when I do this….

    here’s my scenario – I set up a test blog to do a little learning and then I went and created the real thing. Well, when I was just doing a test blog I had my privacy setting to the middle selection which is that it’s viewable only by those that have the link, not listed on the search engines, which was fine it was just a test and I wanted to run it by a friend or two. I had never seen any ads at all being displayed, so wasn’t sure what they meant when they said “might sometimes be displayed” on a blog or something to that effect.

    Then when I created my real one (http://thewriteactions.wordpress.com) I naturally set my privacy setting to be included in all the search engines. I posted my first post and then after the post it said something like “you might be interested in the following posts” and listed three text links — are those the ads? Would it be me paying the $29 to have those not be displayed? Please let me know.

    Oh, and by the way, when I saw them I immeadiately deleted my post, changed my settings back to the middle one (it’s fine as it’s really a blog I show potential clients, well, and now you guys, LOL) and reposted my first post and the ads were gone. The main problem I had with it is that they were kind of bogus ads. One was barely related to my post, one was in a foregin language and one was a yourname.com link to another wordpress.com blog but then there was nothing there but a link back to the yourname.com….so in my evaluation these ads didn’t even have any integrity to them and I don’t want them on my blogs as I think it reflects the manner of my work. It would be different if they lead to legit sites that were good.

    Anyway, I am about to create another different blog that I do want to list in the search engines, but before I upgrade and pay for that, I wanted to make sure I was paying for what I think I am paying for…so figured I’d finally ask the question.

    The blog I need help with is thewriteactions.wordpress.com.



    I think what you saw may have been the “possibly related posts”. They can be turned off in Appearance > Extras. Here are a couple of examples of ads on wordpress.com blogs. As far as I know, unless something has changed, they are clearly (that is debatable) marked as “Ads by Google”:


    Dear wpvstp,

    Thank you very much. I knew that google ads are usually marked, so I do believe that I was seeing the “related posts” which I just went to my settings and checked off to hide them. Thank you soooo much for telling me about that (in fact I was able to turn off those screen snapshots there too which are kind of annoying to me for this particular project.)

    It’s interesting because I hadn’t noticed any google ads yet, but then I suspect that once I turn my pirvacy settings to allow the search engines to have at it, that after awhile that’s when they might appear. Have you found that to be the case? I guess I wonder what they mean when they say they might from time to time run ads on your blog.

    Again, thank you very much.


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    You will only see the Google ads on your blog if you are logged out and viewing your blog.

    There is an upgrade you can buy so that those adverts won’t appear on your blog, $30 per year, I think.
    That is how wp.com pays for the “free” hosting here.


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    Thank you. I do view my blog without being logged in but have never seen any google ads that’s why I was a bit confused, but I still have it set to the middle privacy setting, I have been guessing that maybe when I switch to the selection where it is to be listed on the search engines, that’s when they might start appearing.

    Thanks. For my other project I do plan to buy the upgrade just to be sure.


    So does this mean that if you are using the free service ALL blogs WILL have ads eventually?



    Thanks ellaella, I thought that was the case.



    You’re welcome.

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