Upgrading to .com but changing name of blog?

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    Okay, this may be a stupid question (and don’t tell me there are no stupid questions because this could be it).

    I was wanting to upgrade my blog to .com but the domain name that matches by blog is taken. So, if change the domain name to something different will people who already know my blog by the “old” .wordpress name still be able to get to my blog if they type the old url in?

    “Old” blog name: example.wordpress.com
    “New” domain name: thisismyblog.com

    The blog I need help with is got2havefaith.wordpress.com.



    People using the old address will automatically go to the new one if you set the new one as Primary on the domains page. Basically, the upgrade gives you TWO URLs: whatever.com and whatever.wordpress.com



    DON’T change the blog name you are using now – just buy a domain name you like and map it to the blog you have now – then all the addresses work as noted above and your followers will not get lost and the search engines will not drop you off the end of the universe

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