Upgrading to .me domain – will my XXX.wordpress.com automatically redirect?

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    I am considering the $24/year upgrade to a .me domain offered directly through WordPress. My only question is whether or not my existing blog URL (laissezfare.wordpress.com) will automatically redirect to the new domain name (laissezfare.me) as I have a lot of business cards, etc. already printed and in circulation with the existing domain.

    Thank you for your help.

    The blog I need help with is laissezfare.wordpress.com.



    Hi. Yes, your old __.wordpress.com address will automatically redirect to your new __.me address, provided you follow all the steps in the procedure:


    Sorry for being slightly OT, but will the “.me domain upgrade” notification ever disappear from dashboard? Is there a way I have not yet found to make the yellow box go away?



    Thanks for your respons ‘airodyssey’, good to know! And yes, ‘extendedreality’, it is the .me reminder is ALWAYS there! :)



    I’m sorry but those advertisements on our dashboards cannot be disabled by us users. They appear on dashboards of our free hosted blogs with both public visibility and private visibility. WordPress.com is monetizing and their campaign to encourage us users to purchase upgrades has become increasingly more aggressive and to users — annoying.



    oops! I forgot a word above.
    to some users — annoying.

    August 23, 2010 – Only 17 percent of Internet users find online advertising to be appealing and most people considered it to be “intrusive, repetitive, unappealing and cheap,” a study conducted by Connect Insight revealed, NewMediaAge reported.
    24 percent of the 16-to 34-year-olds do think this type of advertising is appealing
    50 percent of those over 55 years old said they avoid websites where ads would pop up and “interrupt their online activities.” Read more here > Blogging and Demographic Groups


    Thanks for all replies. I do understand that free hosting, especially a good one like WP, must make money somewhere else.
    And yes, it’s just a tiny little bit annoying to have that box over my head.
    I am sorry to tell WP that I am anyway not going to buy any domain at any cheap price, since I consider my little blog always one day away from being closed. :-)



    I know a little ad banner bugs me too sometimes.. I think i saw one in my blog/site…
    I hope those ads will not ruin our blogs or more like spam it… they should consider removing ads when you upgraded your domain because its already under your ownership :(

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