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    I noticed in my stats this uplink:

    A portion of one of my blog entries is on this blog with my link….not real thrilled with this and wondering how this happened and if there is any way to avoid such practice? Thanks!


    The way they have done it isn’t illegal and since they linked back to you, it would come under “fair use.” Under options > reading, make sure you have your feed set to “summary” and to only show one or two posts and that way they cannot get much from you from your feed – which is where most of them pull the stuff from.

    You can try and find a way to contact them and ask that they remove it. Check their profile at blogspot and see if it shows anything, but I think you will find that most of these sites won’t put anything in there that would identify them.



    Thanks. I appreciate the direction.


    You’re welcome. Sadly, legitimate bloggers have a running battle with sploggers. I have to go after probably five or six per month, sometimes more.

    Also I suggest that you put a copyright notice on your blog, it isn’t entirely necessary since the moment you create something it’s covered, but a copyright notice on your blog is another indication, legally, that you are serious about protecting your property.

    You can also check out : http://myfreecopyright.com .



    The other two copyright notice choices are here

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