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    I want to delete the theme that I currently have on my blogsite and upload a new one.

    The blog I need help with is sditata.wordpress.com.



    I have purchased a membership to Elegance themes and want to upload a new template through my Dashboard. I have chosen a theme and want to change it to the new one. I do not see the “Install themes” tab on the Appearance>Themes page.



    You cannot install themes on a WordPress.com blog. Explain to Elegance Themes that you have a WordPress.com blog, and cannot use the theme, and ask for a refund.

    For security reasons, we are limited to the 200 or so themes on our Themes page.


    If it’s a .com blog on wordpress then is it still not possible to upload a new theme? I’ve bought the .com domain so surely I can use my own theme?



    A custom domain name only changes the name of a blog – it does not change anything else – same Terms of Service – same you are not allowed to upload a theme


    Hi, I recently bought a new theme. I installed it but something went wrong so I installed it again into my WordPress account and added the demo files only this time there are many things that are missing from the demo and thus can not set up as I would like too. Can anyone help me sort this out? I will greatly appreciate it. Cheers



    The blog linked to your username is a free hosted WordPress.com blog wearing a free theme called The Columnist.

    We do not have FTP access to free hosted WordPress.com blogs and we not able to upload third party themes.

    The only themes you can use on a free hosted WordPress.com blog are those found here > Appearance > Themes and showcased here > http://wordpress.com/themes/



    there are many things that are missing from the demo and thus can not set up as I would like too.

    If you are referring to The Columnist, then know that every day we Volunteers here read the same claim from bloggers who have not read their theme description like this one http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/the-columnist/ and who fail to realize that they must implement the features they want to use. http://thecolumnistdemo.wordpress.com/

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